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Talk Like A Pirate Day

Post Date:09/19/2017 2:56 PM


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The West Des Moines Police Department took to Twitter today on national “Talk Like a Pirate Day” to deliver some pirate themed safety messages. Some of the following messages were easier to decipher than the others:

-Ahoy! Cap'n says keep a weather eye open and sail safely but dern't go faster then ye winds allow. (Use caution in bad weather and obey speed limit)

-Dern’t forget t’ always wear yer seatbelt so ye stay out o’ Davy Jones’ Locker! (Wear you seatbelt)

-Meself an old Salt so me know to keep my booty locked up so it not be pillaged by Scallywags! (Lock up your valuables and don’t leave them in your car to be stolen)

-G’yaaarrrrrr! Tis ain’t no pirate word fer crack…….. so uh…. Dern’t smoke crack! (Don’t do illegal drugs)

-Ye may wet yer pipe with some tasty grog and sin’ a sea shanty but ne’er enough that ye fall off the poop deck (Drinking alcohol is legal for those over 21 but being drunk in public or drunk driving is not)

-Avast Ye! Ye wouldn’t be under bare poles in a doldrum if ye checked th’ wind before ye set sail! (Check your fuel level so you don’t get stranded)

The West Des Moines Police Department can be found on all social media platforms @wdmpolice.







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